Ascend Sciences® has taken the next monumental step toward the global expansion mission by implementing the long awaited Global Platform System (GPS). During this Upgrade Transition to the GPS; Ascend will be taking orders by phone or by email at the following: Phone Support: Email Support:

Health and Wellness World Class Leaders

Backed with over 110 years of Executive Leadership experience, Ascend Sciences stands as a leader in the Health and Wellness Industry. With the newest and most innovative Nutritional Health and Wellness Products and Technology, Ascend is positioned to become a powerful force for good in the world.

Ascend’s Nutritional Health and Wellness approach stands unique as an innovative company that combines Nutrition Science and Quantum AI Technology; creating the world’s first Quantum Health and Wellness company focused on Nutrition and Quantum wave technology.

Ascend’s world class Electrical Engineers, Physicists, Medical Doctor Advisors, and Molecular Biochemical Engineer Team combine knowledge and Science together to create and present Quantum Health and Wellness products to the world.

Ascend Sciences Health and Wellness Advocates: Sign-ups & Orders

As Ascend continues to grow, the implementation of a new technology platform (Global Platform System - GPS) is being carried out.

During the GPS transition period, Sign-ups and Orders are easy to carry out: Simply call the Or Email with your request.

The Curie™

(Coming Soon!)

The Curie is an AI Technology based Health and Wellness Command Center in the palm of your hand. Quantum Computers, Electrical Engineering, Physics, and continual new science discoveries are being circumscribed into this new Health and Wellness Technology based on an AI platform that is revolutionizing the way the world looks at Health and Wellness.

Pre-purchase of The Curie™ is still available, but with only a limited time remaining to take advantage of the program and its benefits. For more information on The Curie™ Pre-purchase Program, refer to the “Products Page” link:


LuminAloe® is Ascend’s Flagship Health and Wellness Nutritional Product backed by hundreds of Science and Clinical Studies.

LuminAloe® is currently available for purchase.

To Place Your Order, Simply call the Customer Support OR Email

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“The day (a) science (company) begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” -Nikola Tesla