Ascend Sciences is a Direct Sales Company endeavoring to enhance the lives of all who discover the power of Quantum Living. Ascend’s products, programs, and services are designed to help each of us achieve a more abundant life. The Quantum Living Journey Lifestyle is a new category creating movement that allows you to discover inner energy, balance, and personal power at the atomic and sub-atomic level through understanding The Power Of Nutrition through waves, frequencies, resonances as well as other forces of physics that exist, that cannot be seen, but affect our daily lives.
The advanced Health and Fitness wellness device called the Curie™ Unit is a custom designed command center for your Quantum Living Lifestyle. The Curie™ unit is a stand-alone, Technology Health and Wellness device featuring a total Health and Wellness command center empowering you with knowledge, Nutrition, and Technology to give you the control and power to enhance and improve your own customized health and wellness lifestyle. The Curie™ will boast advanced programs and services, which include advanced technology programs for self-analysis and self-evaluation, sound wave and sound resonance therapy programs, guided meditation as well as custom designed VR (Virtual Reality) guided journeys.

The newest and most advanced Herbaceutical™ product to be released to the world is LuminAloe™. This new quantum product is an advanced blend of precise foods that carry the carefully studied nutrition down to the molecular level that helps bring the body back to harmony, balance, and homeostasis. LuminAloe™ is the newest and most advanced product developed by the Ascend Sciences Executive Team, has brought over 800 individual and separate cases of imbalanced health abnormalities back to homeostasis. When the body begins to fall out of balance, abnormal deviations of the body’s processes and functions begin to cause undesirable health challenges. The body’s ability to bring itself back to homeostasis by taking the proper food and nutrition is one of the greatest miracles of life and the key to a life-long journey of well-being.
QUANTUM FIT™ The Full Brain™ Active Program
Quantum Fit™ will encompass the ability to hear your own body, and to feel and listen to your own harmonic waves. No single product, device, or program exists that will be the one and only solution for optimal health. Exercise activities, a healthy diet, and quality sleep will be a large part of the Quantum Living Journey.
As medical science and technologies take huge leaps and advances, one of the most intriguing phenomena we are watching closely is science’s ability to monitor, measure, and display the core center of our very bodies: Our Heart.