Beginning with the Q800+™, and shortly thereafter The Curie™, Ascend will continue to bring new products, programs, and services that will enhance the lives of all that join the Ascend Quantum Living Journey. The Ascend movement will become a Home and a Haven where all who pursue higher dimensions of understanding, knowledge, and life will discover a realm unparalleled in the Direct Sales Industry.

Ascend manifests a future wherein Nutrition, wave energy science, and technology will accelerate the understanding of non-physical phenomena and enable our ability to understand temporal laws more fully; which will nourish our lives and enlightened our minds full of knowledge as wide as eternity.


Joe Ware
Chairman and CEO

An avid marathoner, triathlete, and Ironmaner, Joe’s active lifestyle drives his passion for success. With technical insight and experience, Joe’s creative efforts fall on the functional side; but lacks no eye for artistic balance and presentation. With 32 years in the industry, Joe has worked with four of the largest direct sales companies in the world from their inception to their historic billion dollar success stories. Joe and Ascend’s executive industry veteran team lead the way into the future with the new trillion dollar health and wellness industry message: “Quantum Living”.

Mathieu Descat

Founder, President, and Board of Directors

Mathieu’s exciting and successful career in business brings powerful and valuable experience to Ascend Sciences.

Michael Mansfield

Founder, General Counsel, and Board of Directors

Having held positions as General Counsel for some of the largest MLM companies in the industry, Mike’s legal expertise comes with solid veteran experience.

Rob Spangler

Interim CFO and Board of Directors

Rob Spangler is currently serves as the Interim Chief Financial Officer for Ascend Sciences and has been CPA with over 20 years of accounting experience.

Dr. H. Reg McDaniel

Chief Medical Officer and Board of Directors

Dr. McDaniel's expertise of over 8 decades of life experiences and knowledge brings an incredible dynamic to the new category creator of Frequency Activated Nutrition to Ascend Sciences. Dr. McDaniel's medical background and tenure in the medical, biochemistry, and nutritional fields provides additional significant and solid platforms upon which Ascend Sciences is poised to grow.

Ascend products, programs, and services are designed to complement and support a higher sense of well-being as well as promote a higher quality of life. From bio-activated HerbaCeuticals™ to state of the art App Driven - Customized and Programmed Android technology, the new “Healthy” is “Mental Empowerment” through technology and science. Deriving mental energy and empowerment through knowledge and science helps us to understand health and wellness at the cellular, molecular, as well as atomic and sub- atomic wave level.

As we enter into the age of knowledge, often referred to as the age of Aquarius, Ascend strives to lead the industry with the newest and best Health and Wellness Quantum Products in both the Bio-activated HerbaCeuticals™ world as well as in the Technology Device world for a heightened lifestyle of quality.

To ASCEND above the chaos of negative energy,
it is critical that
we align with the higher frequencies,
resonances and vibrations of harmony and peace.

The Curie™

The Curie™ Health and Wellness Device (named after Madam Marie Curie – two time Nobel Prize recipient) is specifically designed as the first customized and programmed hand held device that gives you a Health and Wellness command center in the palm your hand. The Curie™ merges knowledge, Nutrition, and Technology to give you the control and power to enhance and improve your own customized health and wellness lifestyle. The Curie™ empowers you to live a life congruent with frequencies of balance, light, and happiness.


Frequency Activated HerbaCeuticals ™

Studies show the amazing influence and visually stunning impact that beautiful harmonic sound waves have on water and bio-liquid materials. Ascend has taken this science and technology to the next stage by using specific proven harmonics, resonances, and wave frequencies to support bio-activation of high quality, globally sourced, pure herbal raw materials built into Ascend’s HerbaCeuticals™. This scientific theory approach is precisely the same manner in which Einstein developed, tested, and proved his powerful theory of relativity. Ascend forges the path of HerbaCeuticals™: Frequency and wave activated nutritional herbs and supplements.

The foremost scientist in the HerbaCeutical™ discipline is the renowned Dr. Reg McDaniel, M.D.

Dr. McDaniel’s vast experience includes decades of experience in diagnosing and treating thousands of individuals in order for them to achieve a lifestyle of homeostasis. As he approaches 9 decades of life experiences and at the top of his game, Dr. McDaniel has achieved a deep understanding that life is more than just treating individuals with traditional medicine. He has discovered that we are made up of frequencies and waves that, when out of balance, can be realigned into harmony once again to create a higher level of well being and consciousness.


The Curie™ Pre-Purchase Opportunity

For the first time in the history of Direct Sales, an incredible product pre-purchase opportunity is available to all that wish to participate. The opportunity comes with a benefits package that qualifies you for participation in a special bonus pool in which only pre-purchase members can participate. For more information, click on the “PRE-PURCHASE” link on the main menu above.

Leading The World With Quantum Science & Technology



“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

Nikola Tesla

Ascend Sciences endeavours to lead the industry with the scientific approach to non-physical phenomenon. With the vast and immense knowledge waiting to be discovered in the Quantum Dimensions, Ascend leads the industry in the newest discoveries and latest technologies that will bring knowledge, abundance, and well-being to the world. Ascend makes no small plans to empower the human mind to higher dimensions.