For the first time in Direct Sales, Ascend becomes the premier company to allow the “pre-purchase” of it’s flagship product (currently in development) called The Curie™. The Curie™ (See Product Page), named after the 2-time Nobel Prize winner, Madam Marie Curie, is designed and set to become the new Health and Wellness standard of the industry. By pre-purchasing your Curie™ unit(s), you become the first to receive the world’s premier Quantum Living resonance device. Pre-purchase quantities are limited to to the first 805 units sold.

For more information on how to Pre-Purchase the worlds first Curie™ Health and Wellness device, contact the person who referred you to Ascend Sciences or contact Customer Support.

The Pre-purchase Benefits Plan

Pre-purchasing your Curie™ Unit comes with significant Direct Sales “Benefits” as well.

Not only do you become one of the first in the world to own the new industry standard Health and Wellness device by pre-purchasing your Curie™ Unit(s), but you also automatically become part of an Exclusive Global Bonus Pool reserved only for pre-purchasers. This is a promotional bonus offered only to the pre-purchasing founding leadership. This Global Bonus Pool promotion consists of a 3% of all commissionable monthly sales and carries a maximum payout.

To learn more about the Pre-purchase and Benefits Plan, contact the individual that referred you to Ascend Sciences or contact customer support.

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Terms and Conditions For Pre-purchase Program

Ascend Sciences is a Direct Sales Company promoting health and wellness through the Quantum Living Lifestyle with Products, Programs, and Services that enhance quality of life. Now in the Start-up phase, Ascend has provided wellness advocates the ability to pre-purchase the flagship product called The Curie™ (Named after Madam Marie Curie, two time Nobel Prize winner). The Curie™ is in development to be a technologically advanced Class II Medical device that provides wave resonance therapies through an array of micro-current and resonance frequencies. The Curie™ is currently available for pre-purchase.

All pre-purchase transactions follow State and Federal Product Pre-purchase rules, regulations, and laws. The pre-purchase funds will be used for the design, development, manufacturing, and operating costs required to bring The Curie™ to market. With veteran experienced management and engineers, Ascend Sciences projects to have The Curie™ available to the public by 2nd Quarter 2021.

Additionally, and following the Direct Sales Business Model, Ascend has created a Benefits Program that is separate from the Pre-purchase transaction; but allows Ascend Quantum Wellness Advocates that pre-purchase The Curie™ to participate in the initial launch efforts of the company. The Benefits Program include automatic participation in a 3% Global Bonus Pool that has a maximum bonus payout cap. The Benefits program also follows State and Federal “promotional” Global Bonus Commission Payout guidelines and regulations for founding members of a Direct Sales Company.