Ascend products, programs, and services are designed to complement and support a higher sense of well-being as well as promote a higher quality of life. From Bio- activated HerbaCeuticals™ to state of the art App Driven - Customized and Programmed Android technology, the new “Healthy” is “Mental Empowerment” through technology and science. Deriving mental energy and empowerment through knowledge and science helps us to understand health and wellness at the cellular, molecular, as well as atomic and sub-atomic wave. Deriving mental energy and empowerment through harmonizing knowledge, Nutrition, and Technology gives us the ability to understand ourselves down to the cellular, molecular, as well as atomic and sub-atomic wave levels. This new approach to health and wellness is the new nonphysical phenomenon that the Ascend vision and passion continually pursue. As we enter into the age of knowledge, the age of Aquarius, Ascend strives to lead the industry with the newest and best Quantum Living Products: Bio-activated HerbaCeuticals™ as industry technology driven health devices for a heightened lifestyle of quality

The Curie™

The Flagship Quantum Technology Device

The advanced dual channel Curie™ Unit is a custom designed Health and Wellness command center for your Quantum Living Lifestyle. The Curie™ device is a stand-alone, non-bluetooth, Health and Wellness command center empowering you with knowledge, Nutrition, and Technology to give you the control and power to ehance and improve your own customized health and wellness lifestyle.. The Curie™ will boast advanced programs and services, which includes guided meditation therapies as well as custom designed VR (Virtual Reality) guided journeys.

These journey programs will take you away to the highest tops of mountains, white sand beaches with crystal blue water, the deep emerald green rain forests of Brazil, and then out to the Milky Way, and beyond to distant galaxies. As this Quantum Realm opens up before your eyes, it will pour out inspiration and knowledge, reawakening your inner child imagination and reigniting your dreams and aspirations. These powerful Quantum experiences will create a multidimensional reality beyond the one in which we now live, giving an enhanced lifestyle of wellbeing. The Curie™ will not only be a Quantum lifestyle command center in the palm of your hand, but it will also be your business center featuring a fully integrated back-office system and compensation plan with the latest in technology and business tools optimizing your opportunity for success.

Powerful Core Solid core programmable android technology customized and interfaced with high tech apps.
Intuitive Technology With easy step by-step app driven processes. The Curie™ will became part of your daily routine
BIO Check-up Know Yourself With 4 methods of self-check-up and self evaluation. The Curie™ brings a full set of technology to provide solid assessment of You.
Bio-Scan Frequency Evaluation With the touch of two fingers, The Curie™ will read and measure your bio-energy frecuencies and provide graphic based renderings of your profile.
Powerful Heart Monitor With the advanced wave reading technology today, Curie™ will read and display amazing renderings of your heart wave lengths with incredible detail.
Voice Map Preview (VMP) With 12 voice markers, the VMP program is an “Ultra-Technology” based on digital mapping of the vast array of sound waves that resonate through the voice box. Every emotion, intention, frequency, and reflection is carefully mapped creating a powerful self-evaluation of your current status of well-being.
Eye Scan Mapping Evaluation The eye is the second most complex organ in the body. The eye’s ability to breathe oxygen, and to constantly and continually interpret light waves, whether refracted or direct, gives HD camera technology the ability to see the eye’s reaction to different programmed light sequences and compare them to health centered baselines. The Curie™ utilizes and displays this information to give you more information on your overall well-being.

Programs & Apps A life Time To Discover Discover even more Technology through app driven sessions and therapies that balance your core and bring you to your center.
Sound Harmonic Therapies With beautiful moving sound harmonics, listen to inspirational blends of waves that move your core being to emotions not yet discovered light up new feelings and understandings never felt or known previously.
Virtual Reality Journeys Breath taking virtual journeys to the most beautiful places in the world and beyond to the sun and on to the all corners of the galaxy... Discover!

Full Detail Display Complete Visual Command Center With and array of visual and graphical information, give yourself the knowledge and power to know yourself completely.
EBS (Electrical Bio-Stimulation) With Tens of Thousands multi-layered Harmonic frequency blends of EBS, energy balancing becomes a journey of balance and enhancement.
The Ascend Cloud Discover the power of globalness in sharing knowledge and discoveries through the Ascend Cloud.
Scalar Wave Technology Balance good frequencies and energy while canceling or blocking bad frequencies help guard and optimize your mood and well-being.
Sound Resonance Programs With Curie™ discover Binaural and Harmonic sound resonances and learn to refine your unique and specific tunings and vibrations that bring balance, peace and energy into your care being.
Full Ascend Back-Office Business Center
1. Group Genealogy
2. Group Purchase Volumes
3. Commission Earnings Reporting
4. Ascend Marketing Tools.
5. Quantum Feature Sharing of Videos and Information
6. Global Business Center to grow your International Business Opportunity

LuminAloe™ And The Science of HerbaCeuticals™

Frequency Activated Nutritionals

With the commanding credentials and leadership of our Executive Team, Ascend Sciences will lead the industry in Frequency Activated Nutritionals – Called HerbaCeuticals™. At the atomic and subatomic level of all matter, there exists energy; or in other words, waves. Energy is expressed in its capacity to do work. It may exist in potential, kinetic, thermal, electrical, chemical, nuclear, or various other forms. In all of these forms there are waves and frequencies.

Capturing the knowledge of how this energy exists in nutrition, and how to activate the body and the raw components of nutritionals to activate together and harmonize the body into homeostasis is a new field of discovery Ascend Sciences ventures to lead. Together, our Ascend Sciences Executive Team and the Ascend team of engineers will be a formidable force in the world advancing this new approach to health and wellness. The first HerbaCeutical™ product is planned for release soon!

Earbud Heart Rate Sensor Technology

As medical science and technologies take huge leaps and advances, one of the most intriguing phenomena we are watching closely is science’s ability to monitor, measure, and display the core center of our very bodies: Our Heart.

With today’s highly advanced heart rate signal monitoring capabilities, incredible informational data can be recorded, assessed, and stored far beyond what we had ever imagined. The smaller more delicate heart signals can now be seen and analyzed to tell us more about our bodies and state of being. It is at this core level of frequency heart signals that Ascend Sciences ventures to further understand and improve with the belief that the heart sways to the harmonic waves of the universe that are embedded deep into our DNA. Highly advanced heart rate signals and frequencies will be combined with analysis programs and assessments on how to improve harmonic wave balance through the support of The Curie™ and other wave resonance devices in development. Advanced Heart Rate program and devices are planned for release soon.

Quantum Fit™

The Full Brain™ Active Program

Quantum Fit™ will encompass the ability to hear your own body, and to feel and listen to your own harmonic waves. No single product, device, or program exists that will be the one and only solution for optimal health. Exercise activities, a healthy diet, and quality sleep will be a large part of the Quantum Living Journey. Putting the body back into harmonic balance will create more energy; which in turn will create a more active and happy lifestyle. But it doesn’t stop with just being fit. Guided Meditations and deep learning programs will help one achieve Full Brain Activation™. This approach to Quantum Fitness will guide you to discovering the true power and energy you have inside. Quantum Fit™ is planned for release soon.