Privacy Policy

The ASCEND SCIENCES Privacy Policy is to ensure that all Employees, Customers, and Distributors understand and adhere to the basic principles of confidentiality.

Statement of Privacy:

1. ASCEND SCIENCES recognizes and respects the importance of its Customers and Distributors privacy regarding all of their personal and confidential information. ASCEND SCIENCES will make all efforts possible to safeguard these privacy mandates and maintain the confidentiality of all Customers and Wellness Advocates financial and account information as well as all non-public personal information.

2. By becoming an Ascend Distributor, or “Quantum Living Advocate” (QLA), and entering into the QLA Distributor Agreement, you authorize ASCEND SCIENCES to disclose name and contact information to your Sponsoring up-line Wellness Advocates solely for purposes relating to the furtherance of the ASCEND SCIENCES business efforts. All Wellness Advocates agree to maintain the confidentiality and security of all private information and to use it only for purposes of supporting and servicing his or her organization and conducting the ASCEND SCIENCES business.

Ascend Sciences Employee Access to Information:

ASCEND SCIENCES limits the number of employees who have access to Customer and Wellness Advocate’s nonpublic personal information and has internal privacy policy training and technical security enforcement measures to maintain this high standard of privacy.

Restrictions on the Disclosure of Account Information:

ASCEND SCIENCES will not share nonpublic personal information or financial information concerning current or former Customers or Wellness Advocates with third parties; except as permitted or required by legal regulations, court orders, or to provide the Customer or Wellness Advocate’s customer services needs, as well as to carry out communication regarding the Ascend Sciences Policies and Procedures and Enrollment Agreement.